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CNC Turning

One of EMG’s principle strong points in Lathe work on our CNC machinery, is close scrutiny to the tolerance and accuracy of interpreting our customers drawings


Turning is designed to produce bodies of revolution, with cylindrical and conical surfaces.

These are the following types of our parts:

  • axis
  • shafts
  • bushings
  • disks
  • flanges
  • caps
  • couplings and the like

We perform lathe work on CNC machines with various materials. Our specialty is the processing of non-ferrous metals and polymeric materials. For more information, see the materials to be processed.

The manufacturing time is coordinated with the customer and depends on the lot size and our equipment load at the time of placing the order. For a more detailed consultation, please contact our specialists by phone or e-mail.

As for the raw material: The material or blanks can be provided by the customer. In this case, the cost of the parts will be calculated minus the cost of the material. We can also calculate the cost of production taking into account the independent purchase of raw materials.

To obtain a specific price proposal, you will need to send us the part drawing. In addition, it is worth noting, that the cost largely depends on the size of the lot. With higher quantities, the price of each product in the batch is reduced.


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