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Engineering & Manufacturing Group

Engineering & Manufacturing Group (EMG) USA is the sister company of Gesan Grup in Moldova (Romania). It was founded in 2001 with only 6 employees and now employs over 40. We are world-class manufacturer of custom plastic injection molding and CNC machining. We provide low-cost, high-quality custom injection molding for customers worldwide, in many industries.


Gesan Grup has been producing low-cost plastic injection molds and parts as well as CNC machining / rapid prototyping since 2001. At present the Gesan Grup designs and machines parts for many European companies, including Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia.

Our offices provide engineering support and customer service to our clients all over the world. Our experienced staff members develop quotes, process orders, resolve technical issues and provide support and operational oversight of the entire project from start to finish.

All projects are prepared, launched and tracked daily by our office in the U.S.A. Engineering & Manufacturing Group (EMG), using a combination of American and Gesan’s experience and expertise will continue to provide this same service and quality here in the USA.

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